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Jamestown, Rhode Island



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October Storm 2006
On Saturday, October 28 a sou'easter hit with winds gusting up to 50 knots in Narragansett Bay (recorded on Esmeralde's wind instruments).  Two boats came ashore in Jamestown, four in Mattapoisett, six in Padanaram.

Jamestown, RI?
Believe it or not, this photo
was taken off
Jamestown, on Sunday,
October 29 towards the end
of the storm.  Many thanks
to photographer Don Miller
for providing this shot.  Visit
Don at

And now...

Back to the boat shots:

How do Boats Break Loose?

It's not a big mystery...  We inspected six or so of the boats on the beach yesterday and today, and each of them showed chafe at the chocks or where the line rubbed against an anchor hanging off the bow.  Beware!!

The following images in the photo gallery were taken Sunday the 29th, after the wind had shifted into the southwest and was still blowing 25 - 35 knots, gusting to 40.  I'm updating, so come back for captions and more photos...  Click on the thumbnails for full-res photos.  Hover on thumbnails for caption info.




And one more good one:  Who can figure out what has happened to the building?  I didn't see this when I took the photo, which was a general one of the boats in the harbor.


Bruce and Dorsey Beard