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Wayfarer Marine - Camden, Maine, Winter 2009 - 2010

We can't say enough about our layover at Wayfarer Marine in Camden, Maine during the winter of 2009 - 2010.  Wayfarer is by far the best marine facility we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with.  The people were all wonderful to deal with, from the waterfront crew to the office staff, the engineering, fiberglass, metal, rigging, cleaning, plumbing, mechanical and travelift gangs.  We couldn't be more pleased.   We will go out of our way to recommend Wayfarer to any boat owner contemplating a marine facility to take on a job, large or small.



We ended up at Wayfarer to inspect some damage incurred during our cruise (details will be left out...!)  Suffice to say, our insurance policy was invoked and we wanted to be certain that the work was done thoroughly by a very qualified yard.  The boat had to be as good as--if not better than--the condition before the incident.  No cutting corners, nothing sub-par.  We were initially not going to leave the boat at Wayfarer; we hauled there only because it was the closest major haul facility.  However, after a few days of talking about the project and being emphatic about our standards, Sandy McGaw and his crew convinced us that they were the right choice for the job.  They were right: we weren't disappointed.

A few high points:

Sandy is terrific to deal with, as are Simon Castle and Steve.  They were our primary contacts, but we worked regularly with the entire crew that had a part in the repairs on our boat.  All were polite, personable, and entirely dedicated to the job at hand.  They're attitude was that they wanted to do it right and make certain we were happy. 

And the office crew: Missy, Nancy and the others.  Pepper says "You Rule!"  As soon as we arrive at Wayfarer and Pepper jumps out of the truck, he charges for the office where he is treated like a king for his entire visit.  I think maybe he gets a few too many cookies, but he begs to differ...






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