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We'll take some liberties here...  Not just Esmeralde's adventures, but Beard adventures in general...
Maine Cruise 2010 After the Sabre Rendezvous, we decided we just had to do a quick cruise through our favorite sailing grounds, so we did a quick tour of coastal Maine...
Sabre Rendezvous 2010 Esmeralde sailed back from Bermuda just in time to attend the Sabre Yachts rendezvous in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  Good fun for everyone, including Pepper!
Bermuda Race 2010 This was our third Newport Bermuda Race in Esmeralde, once again in the Double Handed Division.  Good fun, mediocre results...
Wayfarer Marine 2010 Esmeralde spent the winter of 2010 getting some really excellent TLC at Wayfarer Marine in Camden, Maine.  We had such a good experience at Wayfarer that we want to share it with others looking for a first-rate service facility.
Kayaking Florida 2010 Oh yes, we had to pick the coldest winter in memory to go camp on a beach in Florida to do some kayaking.  And Bruce got the flu.  It was lovely, though, and we want to try again in better weather!
Maine Cruise 2009 ESMERALDE went to Maine for 2009, our 11th Maine cruise in 13 years.  In spite of the dreadful weather that plagued the entire spring and first half of the summer, we enjoyed spectacular weather on our abbreviated trip to Maine.
Bermuda Race 2008 This was our second effort in the Double-Handed Division in the biennial Newport Bermuda Race.  It was a rough ride this time, unlike the comfy trip in 2006.  But always a thrill!

Maine Cruise 2007

This is Esmeralde's 10th cruise to Maine in 11 years (we missed last year because we did the Newport-Bermuda Race).  It's also our 10th Wedding Anniversary!  Check out our adventure, favorite spots, and friends we meet along the way...

A cold winter ride on the Vespa with the Fiat 500 in tow, February 2007... It was about 25 degrees outside when we left the house.  Toasty in the Fiat 500, but a little brisk on the Vespa GT60.    The LX150 stayed home because Alec wanted to come with us, and refused to ride in the Pet Carrier. See him in the front seat?

October Storm New England was hammered on October 28, 2007 by a major storm.  We ventured out to various harbors to review the damage the next day.  Impressive results, and some good lessons to be learned.
Fall cruise to Mystic Seaport, October 2007... It was gusting over 30 knots out of the east when we left Newport on Friday morning of Columbus Day weekend.  It was an easy decision to change our plans from heading towards the Cape and Islands, and instead run west towards Mystic, CT.  What a great sail, and a delightful weekend at Mystic Seaport.
Bermuda Race 2006 The Centennial edition of this classic ocean race that was first sailed in 1906.  Bruce and Dorsey did it double-handed, and ended up 4th in division, pretty good for a mom-and-pop crew!




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