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Esmeralde's Advenutures (and other stuff too!)

Fall Weekend Cruise to Mystic Seaport, October 2007

Columbus Day Weekend gave us a real
sleighride.  We left Newport in a
nor'easter that was a steady 25,
gusting regularly to 30 knots.

While our original plan had been to head
east towards the Cape and Islands, we
made the sensible decision to turn west
instead, and made Mystic Seaport our
destination.  Esmeralde was spectacular.
The ocean was gray and threatening.  We
were sailing under main and 105% jib,
making 8 to 9 knots, and periodically
surfing at 10 and even 11 knots.  What
a thrill! We didn't know our little boat
could go so fast.  Best of all, she
handled it beautifully.

Somewhere off Point Judith we were surprised and elated to be
visited by a school of porpoises--quite large ones--that
played with our dinghy and bow wave for twenty minutes.

Our dinghy, a 10-foot Trinka, towed wonderfully well.  We
keep the self-bailer open so any water shipped will drain.  She
got tossed around, but really behaved nicely.  Great tender.

After a truly memorable
sail, including a screaming
fast beam reach in flat
water from Watch Hill to
Noank, we motored up the
river and through the rail
and bascule bridges to
secluded, sheltered and
lovely Mystic Seaport.
This is a must-visit for
anyone enjoying fall cruising in the area.

On Saturday morning the Seaport ships were dressed for the Columbus Day Holiday, so Esmeralde did the same!  A little hokey, but fun for the tourists.

Below, nephew Bret visits us in Mystic with Gammo and Poppa for some afternoon entertainment and dinner.  We had great fun, and tested the rowing qualities of the Trinka, which are super.  Next time we'll make sure to bring the rig and sailing gear, which would have been perfect in the river.








Bruce and Dorsey Beard