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Newport Bermuda Race 2008

Return Trip to Newport

Our faithful crewmember Michael O'Connor flew in on Wednesday, July 3 for the trip home.  When he arrived, we were anchored off the RBYC in the midst of replacing our Raymarie radome, which had arrived from Defender that morning.  The boat's cockpit was chock-full of boxes and tools, and the radar pole was lying across the cockpit in bits n' pieces.  Fortunately we were nearing the end of the project.  We flipped everything upright, plugged the remaining ends into place, and hit the switches.  Miraculously (thanks, Bruce), everything came on as it was supposed to, including Sirius weather and radar returns.  YES!

After a refreshing swim, we enjoyed a pleasant dinner at Fresco's that evening, then a good night's sleep before departure the next day.

The passage featured some wonderful gastronomique feasts, as michael demonstrates at left...and more below

Bruce and Michael with some incredible sandwiches....

Incredible sqalls that went on for hours and hours at a time with rain that was as dense as the ocean beneath us....

even a water spout or two...

and more rain!

We made it home in four days and a few hours, with just some fumes in the gas tank.

In spite of the sqalls, which featured mostly light and shifty winds but also surprised us periodically with violent 30-knot gusts, we had very light breezes for most of the trip, and had to motor or motor-sail most of the way. 

It was good fun!


Bruce and Dorsey Beard