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ESMERALDE Commissioning  

Commissioning  Arrival  Waterline Sys  Launch Day  Interior,  Canvas

Waterline Systems - Portsmouth, RI - April 27 - May 16

Guess who our VERY FIRST guests aboard ESMERALDE were?  CCA Rear Commodore Garry Fischer and Angela Brown Fischer raced over to Waterline Systems on Thursday, April 28, to check out the very newest member of the CCA Boston Station's fleet!  We were absolutely thrilled by their visit, and we think ESMERALDE passed muster.  Garry and Angela: thank you for your enthusiasm for our project!  We hope DIVA will allow ESMERALDE to sail alongside.  And Angela took the very first picture of Dorsey & Bruce together on their new boat.








Below, TPI/Waterline Marine Systems got started right away on the bottom job.  The blue is a signal wash so they can see where they have sanded.  Thanks, Dunes, to you and your gang, for your TLC.  On the right, there she is outside with her spiffy VERY SMOOTH red bottom.









Below, Bruce took advantage of ESMERALDE being inside at TPI/Waterline to get most of the electronics & watermaker installation completed.








Esmeralde is a bit of a mess as Bruce installs all her electronics toys.  Most everything is in place on May 11, with some final wiring still to be completed.









Below Bruce takes the new interior for a test drive with Paul of S&S Interiors.

Commissioning  Arrival  Waterline Sys  Launch Day  Interior,  Canvas

Bruce and Dorsey Beard