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SUNRISE is a Hallberg Rassy 38 owned by John & Antoinette Stockenberg.  She sails out of Newport, and we often play with them in various ports around southern New England.  She sports a lovely new awlgrip job on her hull and decks, and lots of upgrades throughout. 

Her crew, in addition to John & Antoinette, includes two Korat cats, one of which has developed a favorite passtime of finding  loose caulking to pull out of the teak decks and deliver proudly to his humans.  

As we're always in the search for "the perfect boat" and thus curious about how other folks find theirs, I asked how John and Antoinette chose "Sunrise" and what it is they like (and don't like) about her after a few years of cruising and care.  I'll let Antoinette, ever eloquent, say it in her own words:

"HR's are obviously designed for world cruising.  The manufacturer says so and I believe them. 

"We bought the boat because we're attracted to boats that are bulletproof, comfortable, and yet still handsome.  That's what we like most about her, and it implies what we like least:  she's not going to win any races, though she's not going to disgrace us, either.  Or wouldn't, if we weren't so lazy and made an effort to really sail. 

"Oddly, what we like least about the boat is that it's not as bright below as our last boat, a Hood 38.  I just read that 60 year olds need twice the light to read as 40 year olds.  Probably that means we need twice as many ports as we have.

"In the minor pet-peeve category I have two items:  I wish the table were two inches shorter so that I could swing my leg more easily around the forward end, and I hate that we have to move the companionway ladder to lift one of the floorboards beneath it.  Again, a matter of a couple of inches...

"But all in all, the boat passes the pitter-pat test with flying colors as we approach her.  That's what we like most.

"Oh, and why we bought her:  because twenty years ago John took one look at a new one and said, "Someday."

So to all of you who say "Someday...", take note!


Antoinette is a writer, and you can visit her web site at www.antoinettestockenberg.com.






Senior Ciizens  Vide Poches  Florida  Briar Patch  Sunrise  Dockwise  Saint Roque  Ithaca
Foxy Lady  Ekaterina  Scotties  Sabre Regatta

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