s/v Esmeralde

Jamestown, Rhode Island











Newport Bermuda Race 2006 - Pre-Race Preparations

ESMERALDE spends an evening out sail testing with North's Bill Fortenberry.  We tried on the new dual purpose staysail (left) that, despite a size that actually makes it "cute", gave us a good little kick in the but when it drew.  The course we are steering points us almost directly to Bermuda...

On the right, the Asymetrical brings us home on a very tight reach after a beautiful sunset .

The new storm tri-sail and storm jib are tried out for the first time.  Let's hope we never have to hoist them after we leave the dock!

Below, safety gear is spread out for inspection by Sheila McCurdy.

Dorsey re-fastens the SSB antenna to the backstay.


Phill Garland of Hall Spars comes aboard to get the rig tuned up correctly.


Plagued by weeks of driving rain and howling winds, ESMERALDE's commissioning fell behind schedule by two weeks.  Getting measured and inclined for the new ORR rule as well as IRC just didn't want to happen. 


Major tasks include prepping the boat for the Safety Inspection, getting the rig properly tuned and tested (new headstay and new d-2s), getting the sails on (new Code 0, dual purpose staysail, heavy weather staysail, and storm jib and storm try), and most of all, getting ourselves acclimated and our routines and procedures refreshed and efficient. 





Bruce and Dorsey Beard