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Dorsey's Bianca 27 "BON COPAIN"
In July of 1983, Dorsey bought her first boat, a Danish-built Bianca 27.  BON COPAIN was just that, a great friend for the 14 years Dorsey owned her.  Together they sailed all over southern New England, enjoying the cruising life thoroughly.


Dorsey bought BON COPAIN from naval architect Eric Sponberg and his wife Arliss, who had sailed the boat (then named DUPRASS) from the UK, into the Med, across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal, and up to San Francisco.  From there the Sponbergs had put her on a truck and brought her to Bristol, RI, which is where Dorsey found her.

Having been looking for the "right" boat for a couple of years, Dorsey new the moment she stepped aboard that this was it!

On the right, BON COPAIN lies in Newport Harbor, photographed for her listing in Soundings when Dorsey, having marrried Bruce, ESMERALDE and Smart Alec, found she needed to find a new home for her small yacht.

BON COPAIN was built in 1968 by Bianca Yachts in Denmark.  Her folk-boat pedigree comes through in her long, high bow, stepped cabin top, transom-hung rudder, and deep, full keel.  She was solidly built of some of the nicest looking fiberglass work you would find anywhere.  The hull-deck joint, heavily tabbed bulkheads, and lovely ribbon-ply mahogany carpentry were beautifully crafted, meticulously cared for, and in lovely condition. 

The comfortable cockpit had teak seats and combing, and the decks had well-executed, effective non-skid.  True bulwarks were capped with a nicely formed teak cap rail, and the stanchions and lifelines were strong and secure.  She had a Hassler wind vane that kept her nicely-balanced helm on track for easy shorthanded sailing.  Tanbark sails finished off the traditional form.

Below, she had lots of light from the large portlights, tremendous air flow from the large forward hatch and companionway, and a very warm, pleasant interior.

All around, Dorsey was fortunate to have stumbled across such a well conceived, nicely-built small boat, perfect for her single years, right for the budget, a pleasure to sail, and, last but not least, a joy to look at as well!  It is no surprise that several hundred (we're trying to find out exactly how many) were built, and although they were never imported into the US, you still find them regularly sailing in European waters.

Sadly, Dorsey sold her to someone who sank her off Cuttyhunk in his first season.  She was a total loss. 

Here's to little BON COPAIN!






Red sails in the sunset off Quissett, on Buzzards Bay, BON COPAIN's part-time home for six years.


Bruce and Dorsey Beard