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Newport Bermuda Race 2006

ESMERALDE takes 4th in Class (IRC) in the 2006 Newport Bermuda Centennial Race. 
ESMERALDE sailed in the Double-Handed class of the Newport-Bermuda Race...the only husband & wife team we know of!  We came in 4th in class (IRC scoring).  This is the 100th anniversary of the first Bermuda Race, which was held in 1906.  250 boats started: the largest fleet in the history of the race.  Visit the official Newport-Bermuda web site at www.bermudarace.com.

Below is a great photo by Don Miller,
www.donmillerphotography.com, taken just after the start.  Thanks, Don, for letting us use this shot!  Permission required for any reuse.

On the left, Bruce and Dorsey clutch their prize for 4th place in the Double Handed class.

Track the Race in real time on iBoat Tracker.  Just click this link.  You can track the entire fleet, or a class, or select boats, or just one boat.  Great new tool for ocean racing. 

On the left, Esmeralde she crosses the finish line in Bermuda.  On the right, she returns to Newport. 

Be sure to check out the following sections for more photos:

Pre-Race Preparation
The Race
Post-Race Fun in Bermuda!
Cruising in Bermuda
Passage Home

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
is the base for race activities after the finish.  ESMERALDE has a berth deep in the pack here at the docks.  It's great fun as participants and visitors walk the docks and stop by to talk.

See more post-race activities photos.



Bruce and Dorsey Beard