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Sabre Rendezvous - 40th Anniversary - Boothbay Harbor - 2010

Photos & Video Coming Soon!

Sabre's 40th Anniversary Party was held in Boothbay Harbor over the weekend of July 9 - 11, 2010.  This was perfect timing for us.  Although we weren't planning a Maine cruise this year because of the Newport-Bermuda Race, we reasoned it would be pretty simple to simply return from Bermuda directly to Boothbay, rather than going in to Newport. 

As it turned out, it wasn't all that simple, as US Customs required us to check in in Portland first.  In this post-9-11 era we weren't inclined to mess with the system, so we went to DiMillo's and cleared customs there, which actually turned out to be very simple and quick.  I rented a car to drive our delivery guests Andrea and Barry home, and to pick up PEPPER! who we hadn't seen in almost three weeks.  That was fun!  Then back to Portland to stock the boat and head to Boothbay.

  On Friday the 9th, we headed for Boothbay.  Just like the brochure said, FOG rolled in on us as we passed the islands outside Portland Harbor.  The southerly was brisk, so although we couldn't see a thing, we had a wonderful sail all the way to Seguin Island.  When we turned downwind into Boothbay, we lost our apparent wind and the swells started rolling in on the beam, so we trimmed sails and motorsailed the rest of the way in to the harbor, where the fog began to break only as we passed Tumbler Island to enter the harbor.  Ah yes, Maine!

Dress Ship Sabre activities were at Wottons Wharf, but as we hadn't made a reservation early enough, we headed to a mooring at Tugboat Inn, which was just fine.  First order of business was to go up the rig to install the spreader halyard, and also replace a spreader boot that had come free.  This exercise was decidedly amusing to our neighbors who enjoyed the show.  Next up: dress ship.  This also amused our neighbors, and inspired them to dig out all their festive flags and create their own show.  Good spirit!  (They were not part of the rendezvous.)  As I couldn't find an appropriate weight to tie down the B flag under the bow, I hauled out a half-empty Mt. Gay bottle and strung that to the flag.  This was particularly amusing to our new friends, and I cautioned them that the bottle--and its contents--better be there in the morning!

Registration  After dressing ship we dinghied over to Wottons to register.  We were greeted by all our friendly Sabre pals: Brenda & Bentley, Heidi, Tucker, et al.  Met Aaron, the new COO, for the first time, and his wife Sarah.  All very nice.  We picked up our bag of goodies and wandered the docks chatting with owners and guests and inspecting all the Sabre sail and motor boats, and Back Coves as well.  It was a good turnout, and in fact, there were participants scattered throughout the Boothbay area, including on moorings with us and at the various marinas.  Very good show for Sabre.

Cocktails at Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club  We dinghied over to the yacht club, Pepper in tow, for cocktails.  Awards were given out for best-dressed yacht, which we didn't win, in spite of our rum bottle!  Dinner was planned as grill-your-own at Wottons.  We returned with our dinner to do just that, but it was getting late, and cold, and foggy, so we decided to return to the boat to have our own private BBQ.  The grass-fed rib-eyes from Whole Foods were delicious: Bruce and Pepper were in a little bit of heaven!

Yacht Parade  The planned activity for Saturday afternoon was a yacht parade through the harbor, and some sort of nautical challenge that Bentley had been scheming all morning.  Unfortunately, as the 2:00 pm start time approached, so did a cold front showing ominous rain on the plotter.  I made a last-minute decision to take down our flags, as I didn't know how much wind was in the front and I didn't really want to pack up a bag full of soggy flags.  We headed out, but unfortunately, most of the fleet stayed at their moorings or dock, so the parade was much downsized from what it might have been.  I felt badly for the Sabre gang that had planned the whole thing, and Bruce and I were a little cranky at all the folks who didn't participate.  The front, as it turned out, broke up as it approached the coast, and although their was a little rain, it wasn't bad.  I felt badly that I had taken down all the flags...but at least we participated!  It was fun, and a special treat to follow Roger & Charlie Hewson in their 36.  Billy Black was there doing photography, so we're looking forward to seeing his material.

Shore Dinner & Awards  Saturday night was the big party under a tent at Wottons.  Cocktails, chowder, lobster (wow, was the lobster great!!), steak, DJ for music and dancing.  It was really fun.  Bruce and I received the Sabre Sword award for having traveled farthest to attend.  We got credit for Newport to Bermuda to Portland to Boothbay, about 1700 miles!  Bentley said some really nice things, which was touching, and we got a great applause from the crowd.  Really fun! 

Blueberry Pancake Breakfast  Sunday morning brought the traditional pancake breakfast, served up by the Sabre crew on hand.  Roger Hewson was making these HUGE, FAT pancakes: wow!  Fun (and filling)!

It was a fun weekend: thank you, Sabre, for throwing a party!










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