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Newport - Bermuda Race 2010

This was our third Newport Bermuda Race.  Once again, Double Handed.  There were 26 boats in our Division, and we ended up 10th.  Not exactly what we WANTED, but good enough in the end.  I didn't take too many photos, but I did put together a video.  Have a look!


It was a challenging, but in the end a little disappointing race for the ESMERALDE gang.  We were doing very well for the first four days, hanging right at the front of our division with the fast guys.  Then, after we exited the gulf stream exactly where we planned to be, we ran smack into a two-knot counter-current that all but stopped us dead.  The rest of our division leaders, about 10 miles east of us, saw no current or even some favorable current.  They flew, and left us in the proverbial dust.  We ended up 7th in our class of 12 boats, and 10th in our division of 26 boats.

Left is the start of the double-handed division of the 2010 Newport Bermuda Race.  Light air, beautiful day.  Esmeralde hit the line in clear air with speed on.  Great job, Dorsey!






Left is a shot of what the first afternoon of sailing was all about.  Beautiful day, great breeze that wandered between 8 and 12 knots true.  You can see some competitors from other classes up on the horizon. 





On the right, Bruce is hanging out on the windward rail.  This was probably the ONLY time during the race that he was on the rail!  But it made for a good photo op, so why not...?

Below is the view from the cockpit, at the docks at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.  Great scene, as usual.  We arrived at about 2:00 am and it was quite a project bringing the boat in in the dark, with just two of us aboard. Fortunately, good, capable hands were on the docks to help.

And Dorsey and Bruce relax after a good long sleep!





Bruce and Dorsey Beard