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Able Whistler 32

ESMERALDE was Bruce's third boat,  a 1982 Whistler 32 designed by Chuck Paine and built by the late Cro Fox at Able Marine in Southwest Harbor, Maine.  Her prototype was featured in Ferenc Mate's first volume of "The World's Best Sailboats."  Able is no longer in business, but the folks at Morris Yachts in Bass Harbor, Maine purchased the assets of the company and build a terrific boat.  It's worth a trip to their web site.

He/we (the boat and the dog pre-date Dorsey) owned her for twelve terrific years.  During that time he took a boat that was a little tired and worn and turned her into a bit of a showpiece.  It was a monumental amount of maintenance.  A very special little boat, no question. 

Dorsey cried for weeks when Bruce announced in September 2004 that she would be sold. 

Here are a few shots to remind us of her traditional handsome beauty.  We hope her next owners get as much joy from her as we did.






Bruce and Dorsey Beard