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Senior Ciizens  Vide Poches  Florida  Briar Patch  Sunrise  Dockwise  Saint Roque  Ithaca
Foxy Lady  Ekaterina  Scotties  Sabre Regatta

The Senior Citizens do the Florida thing...

Click the photo of Dad
 to see the Senior Citizens sailing

I know they are my parents, my own
flesh & blood, but sometimes you just
have to wonder.  I preface this by saying
that they have spent the better part of six
months away from home (far away from
our watchful eyes) this year, adventuring off on
their new boat.  I think perhaps
they dabbled in colorful substances, or
maybe just spent too much time with independent-minded friends,
new and old.  In any case, photos have begun to roll in, and we want to share them. 

Should we be worried?  Perhaps, but at least they seem to be having fun,
and appear to be in excellent health. 

The Potato Launcher

Yes, that would be Gammo working the launcher, but in true Florida style, it's a lime, not a potato.  On the right, Gammo shows off the result.  Carol, in the center, is a delightful host of all this juvenile behavior.








At left, Gammo gets proffessional instruction in the proper operation of the launcher.  Below, the gathered crowd marvels at the power of her technique.

Transportation & Supplies

And here on the left we have another host, Bob.  Introducing the Senior Citizens to the preferred method of transportation (where have they been all their lives??). 

And this would be...?  Shopping for dinner, naturally.  Wouldn't want to become dehydrated, would we?


Party Animals

OK, so it's not your average New England Thanksgiving.  Who says you can't lighten things up a little as you go gray?

Yes, the guests are a little unusual, too.  But there's nothing like a little fine wine to clear up the confusion, and we know they have plenty of that.




Circumnavigating Friends

This is about sailing, after all.  Can you spot three of the (at least) four circumnavigators who were at this party?


And here we have two key members of one of the circumnavigation teams, as well as great hostesses!


Fine Yachts

There's at least one circumnavigating vessel, there in the center.  Here's to our good friends, who most often (but not always, to be quite fair) are voyaging types.  We wish you all fair winds and smooth seas!

Senior Ciizens  Vide Poches  Florida  Briar Patch  Sunrise  Dockwise  Saint Roque  Ithaca
Foxy Lady  Ekaterina  Scotties  Sabre Regatta

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