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The Sabre Regatta - August 6-7, 2005

ESMERALDE and her crew had great fun at the Sabre regatta in Marblehead, hosted by the Corinthian Yacht Club.  The Club was spectacular: members, officers, staff and race committee were terrific, and we thank them!  We had good fun catching up with Sabre staff on hand, and even recruited ace crewmember Amanda Montgomery to help ESMERALDE take third place in the Sabre World Cup on Sunday!  Some 40-45 Sabres and Sabrelines participated.  Below are a couple of photos of the wonderful weekend...

Sabre team members Tucker Thompson, Amanda Montgomery and Glen Chaplin wind down after a fun day on the water. 

Below, Amanda & Bruce head ashore on the launch, still not knowing if ESMERALDE had won a prize.       






Sabre World Cup winners receive their trophy.  Below, ATLANTEA, the yacht that won it all...!








Left, Bump Wilcox & his wife wait anxiously for the results.  Below, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME sizes up the competition in the pre-start.  Bump drove her to first across the line, and second on corrected time.







On the left, ESMERALDE crosses the finish line, then on the right, the crew  relaxes while Smart Alec chases off the photo boat (photos by Bentley Collins).



On the left, Alec enjoys a Marblehead sunset, and below, the club and the harbor were wonderful hosts for the 2005 Sabre Rendezvous!














Left, ESMERALDE heads home after a fun regatta (photo by Bentley Collins).  Our thanks to Lynne and everyone at Sabre who made this such a fun weekend, and to the rest of the gang at Sabre who put together such a fine boat for us!  And thanks also to the folks at the Corinthian Yacht Club who opened their club to us, and provided warm hospitality all weekend long.












Senior Ciizens  Vide Poches  Florida  Briar Patch  Sunrise  Dockwise  Saint Roque  Ithaca
Foxy Lady  Ekaterina  Scotties  Sabre Regatta

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