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Senior Ciizens  Vide Poches  Vide Poches  Briar Patch  Sunrise  Dockwise  Saint Roque  Ithaca
Foxy Lady  Ekaterina  Scotties  Sabre Regatta

Here's where we have a little fun with our cruising friends and family.  Keep coming back for more: you might find yourself featured!

Ekaterina is lies alongside in Freeport before her trip to Bermuda and the Caribbean.



CLICK HERE to jump to the delightful christening party for the lobster boat FOXY LADY



Going sailing with the family -- especially the SENIOR CITIZENS -- is good fun.  It doesn't happen often when everyone has their own boat, but since VIDE POCHES was hauled out for maintenance before her journey down the ICW this fall, we were able to tempt the Senior Citizens out for a fall sail on Narragansett Bay.  Good fun!  Check out the photos...!

BRIAR PATCH is one of the loveliest little yachts you will see if you chose to cruise the Maine Coast.  We have run into her repeatedly in Merchant's row, always in the exact same place, always by chance.  And it's always a delightful encounter!  More photos...



SUNRISE kicks up her heels on Narragansett Bay.  John and Antoinette are relaxed an happy after their first weekend of the season in Block Island (before all the tourists take over).  More photos...


What else could that handsome rig be but Charlie and Posy Dana's SAINT ROQUE?  Here they carefully pick their way through The Thoroughfare at Roque Island in August 2004 for Posy's birthday.  More photos...


ITHACA lies briefly but peacefully in Sylvester Cove at the northern end of Deer Isle, enjoying the hospitality of long-time friend Betsy Gooding.  And little ESMERALDE decided to crash the party!  More photos...



Senior Ciizens  Vide Poches  Vide Poches  Briar Patch  Sunrise  Dockwise  Saint Roque  Ithaca
Foxy Lady  Ekaterina  Scotties  Sabre Regatta

Bruce and Dorsey Beard