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Alec's Page - In Memoriam - May 1995 - May 12, 2008

Smart Alec Has Sailed His Last Voyage
Allie said his final goodbye to us on Monday, May 12, 2008, just a few days shy of his 14th birthday.  He was our best friend, and we miss him terribly.  We love you, Alec.

Smart Alec (that was his real name) was our wonderful Scotty.  He pre-dated Dorsey in Bruce's life, and she often had to compete with him for space.  Alec would have turned fourteen years old in May 2008.  He liked to be with us more than he liked sailing, but we loved having him on board and tried to make the cruising life fun for him.


Below are some fun moments with Alec...



Here Alec returns from exploring Hadley's Harbor, Naushon, Buzzards Bay in September 2004.  As you can see, he really has his sea legs under him, as he is at the end of a six-week cruise along the Maine coast with his humans.

One of the greatest things about Alec is that he will go to great extremes NOT to get wet.  Aside from the luxury of not having to deal with a wet and smelly dog, it's amusing to watch him take the very longest path around puddles, coiled hoses, and most anything else that could be considered a water source.

Here are some scenes of good times on the water with our wonderful friend and companion...


Wow!  Alec (on the left) meets a potential VERY HOT DATE who came aboard to check him out in Camden Harbor in August 2000.  Miss Rags (on the right) was everything Alec wanted for a night on the town in Camden!  Miss Rags was sailing on a Catalina (I think) at the time, but has now moved up to a Caliber.






Alec naps peacefully on top of the Cruising Guide while chugging up the southern Maine coast, somewhere between Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Cape Porpoise, Maine.











Alec has always loved Block Island, and this was a particularly lovely evening in September 2004.  It was our last trip to Block Island on our little ESMERALDE, so a little bitter-sweet.












"All those evergreens, and no way to get there!"  Alec looks longingly ashore at Roque Island, Maine, 2003.














Yet again, looking longingly towards shore (do we see a pattern here?) while the lobsters steam below for dinner.  Alec wants to head in to meet the locals of  Burnt Coat Harbor, Swan's Island, Maine.


Bruce and Dorsey Beard