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About Us

What is there to say?  We both love to sail, love boats, love boat people, and love dogs.  We both, more or less, have a lifetime of sailing, including dinghies, sunfish, a couple of small (local) trophies, a few trans-Atlantics, a trans-Pacific, and countless passages to Bermuda, four Newport-Bermuda races, Nova Scotia, Maine, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.  

We got married in 1997 in Newport, dockside, with our (then) two boats tied alongside.  Every year since we took at least six weeks to cruise up the coast of Maine and into Canada with on our little Esmeralde, the Able Whistler 32 we traded in to build the Sabre 386 in 2005.  On the new boat we have continued the tradition of Maine cruises, and added the Newport Bermuda Race in 2006 and 2008, in the double-handed class. We're on track to sail the race in 2010 also, double-handed.



With our new Sabre, also named ESMERALDE, we expect to extend our range, and hopefully (business permitting) spend some time in warmer waters during the winter months. 



See you on the water!


Bruce, Dorsey, Pepper (and Smart Alec, RIP).















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