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Maine Cruise 2011

We're on our Maine Cruise. Check in regularly for cruise updates.


Bermuda Race 2010 Esmeralde had another good run to Bermuda, finishing in the middle of the fleet.


Wayfarer Marine '10  ESMERALDE is launched March 30 at Wayfarer in Camden, Maine.


Kayaking Florida '10
February camping & kayaking on the beach in Florida.  COLD vacation!


Maine 2009 Cruise
A good but short cruise.  Lovely weather, after a wretched early season in RI


Newport-Bermuda Race  We did it again in 2008!  Fifth in Division.


Meet Pepper
Pepper arrived home on May 20, 2008 and is rapidly becoming a Sea Dog!



Good Bye Dear Smart Alec 
In the midst of a busy spring 2008, we said our final good bye to Smart Alec.


ESMERALDE is back in the fall sailing magazines.  Click here for a preview.


Dorsey gets published in a national magazine!  Check out the March issue of CW, page 110, or click here.


Check out the video "BIRTH OF A BOAT"

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Did we do any sailing in 2012?  Not much!
Do you know why? Se 
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Maine Cruise 2011

September 5 - Our cruise ended on Labor Day with a rock'n 'n roll'n trip from Block Island to Narragansett Bay.  The breeze was up and down, sometimes 10 kts sometimes gusting to 25, and the sea was lumpy-choppy-messy.  Uncomfortable, even after having been aboard the boat for five weeks.  But it was a good cruise and we feel good!  Not it's back to reality, and hopefully we have a few nice fall weekends ahead of us.


Some videos from our Maine cruises:


Ancient History

First, the 2010 Newport Bermuda Race, then a couple of videos
from our short 2010 cruise in Maine.

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Maine Cruise 2010 - The Illicit Cruise!

We were supposed to sail straight home from the Sabre
Rendezvous, back to work and to all things responsible.  But
Maine cruising was just too close, too alluring.  We couldn't
resist heading east to Tenants, in spite of the fog and rain.
And once in Tenants, we had to take a spin through our
favorite cruising grounds...

read more about our Maine cruise


Sabre Rendezvous 2010 - Boothbay Harbor

We sailed directly from Bermuda to Maine for the Sabre
Rendezvous.  Had to clear customs in Portland, rented a car to
get Pepper at home, then sailed over to Boothbay for the
three-day party. 

read more about the Sabre Rendezvous


Newport Bermuda Race 2010

This was our third try on ESMERALDE, in the Double-Handed
Division.  Our trend isn't what we'd like: 4th in class in 2006,
5th in class in 2008, and this year, 7th in class.  Oh well! 
Great sailing, good fun.  All safe.  And we love getting to

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 Spring 2010 - Wayfarer Marine, Camden, ME
Here we go! We launched at Wayfarer Marine in Camden on
Monday, March 29, and ESMERALDE was rigged on Tuesday in
the driving rain. We arrived on Wednesday night, and got to
work on Thursday, April 1 to get her inclined with Andrew
Williams. The weather cooperated, and he got the job done.
We stayed and worked on the boat through the weekend: it
was absolutely gorgeous!  Sunny and right up into the upper
70's on Saturday and Sunday!  Pepper had a ball on Thursday
when he got to play with his girlfriends Missy and Nancy in
the Wayfarer office. On Friday they were on vacation, but
Chester was there and that was good fun too










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